Band Rules

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1. Come to class prepared and on time.

2. Please show the utmost respect for the podium. Whenever anyone is on the podium, your attention is required. There should be no talking. Failure to show respect will result in time out in the office, parent letters or disciplinary action by the administration.

3. Follow directions the first time they are given.

4. If it doesn't belong to you, do not touch it! This applies to ALL wind and percussion instruments, as well as books, supplies, etc.

5. No gum, food or drinks in the bandroom! This will keep the bandroom more presentable and nice.

6. Keep up with your music. Each student will receive a copy of all music to be rehearsed. Please be sure to put your name on each piece of music that you receive.

7. Follow all school rules. Failure to abide by these rules could result in the lowering of grades or in disciplinary action, such as detention or dismissal or a trip to the office.

8. Students should always read, have parents read, and return signed, all material sent home by the band director. All correspondence sent home is to be signed by a parent and returned promptly. This will be a consideration in the band grading process.