Private lessons

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Private lessons are the best way for students to help with their individual playing habits. They are also the best means of developing the refined, mature playing habits that help students compete for honors such as top band membership, District Honor Band, first chair positions, and All-State Band membership.

Most All-State Band members begin private instruction at an early age and study and practice diligently. We have had excellent response in this area in the past. I want to encourage all parents to consider this very important advantage for your child.

We are fortunate to have many fine teachers in our area. A "fundamentals oriented" teacher, one who has a proven record of successful teaching, is recommended.

Private lesson nights at Booth
This past school year we were fortunate enough to have teachers from the Ft. McPherson (Army Ground Forces Band) come and teach at Booth. We are fortunate to offer the same "Lesson Night" on Monday afternoons and nights at Booth. These lessons run $15 for a 30-minute session. Sign-ups will begin within the first week or two of school.