Football Band

Aug. 26 Tuesday8th Grade Percussion Practice (possible)  
Aug. 28 Thursday8th Grade Football Band practice  
Sept. 2Tuesday8th Grade Football Band Practice  
Sept. 4ThursdayHome Austin Road
Sept. 30TuesdayPossible 7th and 8th Grade Football Band Practice  
Oct. 2ThursdayHome Rising Star
Oct. 14Tuesday7th and 8th Grade Football Band Practice  
Oct. 16ThursdayHome Fayette Middle

All 8th-grade band members are required to participate in the Football Band. All 7th-grade band members will join the 8th-grade band members in the last game or two. Each student will be expected to remain in the stands for the entire game. Games generally end between 6:30 and 6:45 p.m. We will wear blue jeans or shorts, the Booth Band shirt (available through Mr. Burton), sneakers and hats, if you wish.

We will report to our Bandroom at 4:15 p.m. for warm-up (on home games . . . at this time we are not attending any away games, this may change). Please be on time!

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Football band expectations: All students who are in the 7th and 8th grade will participate in the Football Band. Students will sit in their sections while at the football game. (The band will be in the stands before the game to play the Star Spangled Banner then during 1st and 2nd quarters. The band will play one song during halftime and then break till the end of 3rd quarter. The students will be told if there are any changes to this before they leave the stands. The band will spend the 4th quarter in the stands and will also play one song after the game.