Statement of Obligations
and Contract for Band Membership

I, _________________________________________________,
desire to be a member of the J.C. Booth Middle School Band. My signature below signifies that I will to the very best of my ability meet the obligations below.

  • I will CONDUCT myself in an orderly and responsible manner during all classes, rehearsals, programs, and performances.

  • I will PRACTICE my assigned parts diligently and work to be a positive contribution to the group.

  • I accept the obligation to ATTEND all rehearsals and performances unless I am legitimately ill or have a serious, unavoidable conflict which cannot be resolved.

  • I agree to have my ABSENCE from any band function thoroughly explained in writing by my parent.

  • I agree to POST the performance and rehearsal dates given to me at the beginning of the year on my home calendar and work to avoid conflicts throughout the year.

  • I agree to properly wear the uniform as agreed upon by the students, parents and director.

    Student's signature________________________________________

    I have read the JC Booth Middle School Band Handbook and will support my child in meeting these obligations to the band.

    Parent's signature_________________________________________

    Please fill this contract out and have it back to Mr Burton no later than August 22.