All classes are graded primarily on class participation. Chair tests are also given for grades, usually on scales, etudes, or music contained in the folders. Students may lose points off their final grades for lack of instruments or materials needed for class. A student can gain extra credit from attendance of professional performances (Atlanta Symphony, etc.), when they present a program from the performance.

Daily Class Work - A set number of points are earned for each class. Points are subtracted for not having an instrument, materials, pencil, or other required equipment.

Tests - Students can earn points on written and playing test.

Band Homework / Practice Records - Points can be earned by consistently turning in the student's practice record.

Band Citizenship - Points can be earned for proper behavior, cooperation, equipment and facility care, and for other appropriate activities.


Band classes

Each grade level has two classes, Intermediate and Advanced. At this time the sixth-grade classes will perform together. In the seventh and eighth grades the Intermediate classes will combine to form the Concert Band, and the Advanced classes will have separate Seventh- and Eighth-Grade Symphonic Bands.

This places each student in the class where his / her needs can best be met. Some players are more advanced than others. Some progress more slowly than others. We want to place students where they can perform their best and also feel comfortable with their surroundings. With this class setup, students will be allowed to progress from the Intermediate class into the Advanced class. (We also allow for students to fall back into the Intermediate class from the Advanced class if additional skills are needed.) All Advanced classes are by audition only. This will happen at the discretion of the director.

Each class will need

Woodwinds - 3 reeds (at all times), cleaning swap, cork grease

Brass - Oil (slide, rotor or valve depending on instrument), slide grease

Percussion - Sticks. The sticks the percussionists need will be the small "concert" sticks. (Model numbers vary according to brands.) We will provide the mallets for keyboard percussion. If you have your own, please label them.

Flip Folders (7th and 8th Grade only) - These will be used in the Football Pep Band.


The following books will be needed for each class (please ask your child which class her or she is in):

6th Grade Band - "Winning Rhythms" and "Standard of Excellence" (Books 1 and 2)

7th Grade Concert (Intermediate) Band - "Winning Rhythms" and "Standard of Excellence" (Book 2)

7th Grade Symphonic (Advanced) and 8th Grade Concert (Intermediate) - "150 Original Exercises" and "Standard of Excellence" (Book 2) and "Foundations for Superior Performance"

7th and 8th Grade Symphonic (Advanced) - "Foundations for Superior Performance"

8th Grade Symphonic (Advanced) - "Foundations for Superior Performance" and "101 Rhythmic Rest Patterns"

Practice Notes
1. Students are required to practice their instruments 90 minutes a week. A student who practices this amount will receive an "A" for that week of practicing.

2. Students will turn in practice records on Friday of each week. Each student will be given several practice record slips. Each week they will turn in one slip with the dates of practice and amount of time practiced. Parents and students are asked to sign the form verifying the student has practiced that amount. Parents will need to be sure that students fill out the reports in pen.

Parents may also email the practice notes each week. Please send these emails to and put the words "Practice Note" in the subject line (and nothing else).