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Participation In a performing band class necessitates attendance at all performances and rehearsals, both during school and outside of school time. Absence and tardiness mar the effectiveness of the entire group. Adherence to a strict attendance policy is necessary for the good of the band. The following guidelines should be followed:

1. When a student learns of the necessity to be excused from a rehearsal or performance, a note from the parent should be submitted at that timeÉnot after the absence.
2. When a student unexpectedly has to miss a rehearsal or performance, the student must bring a note from his/her parent to the next band function.

All excuses must be in writing and must be thorough enough to clearly indicate the need for the absence. (Look at student handbook for the definition of an unexcused absence.) Failure to observe these procedures may affect the studentŐs placement or enrollment in the performing band. Students removed from the performing bands will become ineligible for awards, spring trips and other band privileges.  

J.C. Booth Middle School Band


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Please note: Membership in the J.C. Booth Band Program automatically includes attendance of all rehearsals, sectionals, and performances. Absences due to illness or family emergency will be honored, but please try to give the director at least 24 hours notice if possible. An unexcused absence from a special rehearsal or performance will result in grade reduction and/or exemption from the Fall or Spring Trip. Possible expulsion from the band could also result. (Band is a privilege not a right!)

Several of the things listed below are events that are NOT required but are available to the students. If the words All Bands appear, it is a required function.

  • All State Entry Deadline - Oct. 4 (the cost is $11 per student as charged by the GMEA, forms for will come later)
  • District Level All State Audition - Dec. 7 (Lovejoy M.S.)
  • 8th Grade Trip to Disney - Mar. 27 - 30
  • Christmas Concert (8th Grade Symphonic, 7th & 8th Concert Bands and Jazz Band) - Dec. 9
  • Christmas Concert (6th Grade Band and 7th Grade Symphonic Band) Dec. 9, Flat Creek Baptist Church
  • District VI Honor Band - (Date and time TBA, Clayton Co. Performing Arts Center)
  • State Level All State Audition - Feb. 1 (TBA time and place)
  • Pre - Festival Concert (All Bands) Feb. 27th (TBA time and place)
  • District VI Festival (Symphonic and 6th Grade Bands) March 19 - 22 (TBA on which day)
  • All State Band - May 1 - 3
  • Solo & Ensemble - TBA
  • Spring Concert (All Bands) May 19 (7 p.m.)

    Some dates might change. In this event advance notice will be given.